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Hooping it Up - Update

Our free-throw competition is almost here! For $2.00 students will get 60 seconds to shoot as many free throws as they can. There will be prizes for the winners. This free-throw competition will be supporting a great charity: Best Buddies Canada! Hooping it up takes place on Friday, April 13, 2018.

Classes will be invited to the gym beginning after first Nutrtion Break at 11:20 am. The order of classes attending (approximately 30 minute sessions) are as follows:

Group 1: Mrs. Skaljin & Mrs. Barone; Mrs. D'Angela & Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Rohac & Mrs. Furness, Mrs. Giannasi, Mrs. Pollice, Mrs. Langsford & Mrs. DiCroce

Group 2: Mrs. Ferrelli, Mrs. Lanillos, Mr. Mamer, Mrs. Martinac, Mrs. Nigro and Mr. Porco

Group 3: Mrs. Carobelli, Mrs. Hines, Mr. Mammoletti, Mrs. Tyleman, and Mrs. Presutti-Murillo

Group 4: Mr. Cameron, Mrs. Curcio, Mrs. Garrett, Mrs. Grzicic, Mrs. Infurnari, and Mrs. Kowalyshyn

We look forward to cheering on our competitors in the Lion's den on Friday!

Hooping it Up - Update